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Beej's Guide to Photography

I'm sorry, I couldn't find that user. Here are pberry's instead.
I'm sorry, that user doesn't have any photos marked as favorites.

All photos are copyrighted by their owner. Each image links back to that photo's page at where you can discover more about that copyright and the owner.

Leave a comment on photos you find if you wish. Personally, I love finding out how people came to my photos.


2006-12-28: Good news, we now support the new flickr URL format with the spiffy farmid.

What is this?

This is my first Flickr API hack. The first column of the table (in silver) are the favorites of the user you search for, by default my favorites are used. The rest of each row (in teal) is composed of the favorites of the owner of the first picture. The user search isn't perfect, mostly because I haven't done enough error checking or added the ability to search for a user via their e-mail address. There are a number of features that are still in the queue.